Excerpt from Pink Trumpet and the Purple Prose by Nikki Darling


Secret Agent Lover

Dandelion Whine Lester Cough Syrup Jazz Solo Glamorous Life Love

Baby doll baby. Baby doll baby. I look at your pictures and bite my lip. I selfie all this love in your direction. I take little steps toward recovery then get high on you

stoned nights of Prince and Prickly Pear Love.

Toaster oven sweet strawberry jam.

Sometimes I just like the way they look in line, love, like words that chain friendship bracelets, thesunscreen scented inside of a 7th grade girl’s tampon bag. Blondehair horse girls take all this freckle power turn it into gold. Gapped tooth cutie rich girl slut. I can be a hundred different mammas.

Without love it aint much. She don’t need a glamorous life. She don’t need a man’s touch. Without Love.


Shall the Lie Set You Free?

Someone told you quiet was sexy, that person was jealous.

Someone told you modest was respectful, that person is pedestrian.

Someone told you it’s polite to wait your turn, that person has the power of choice.

Someone told you good things come to some and not others, that person is a priest.

Light vortex brilliant soft body full of orgasms and laughter, color and blood. That person is you. That person is God.



Of all the fairy tails I was told as a little girl

I had no idea the character I would become

Would be the princess Miss Havisham

The smell of the silkworm shoebox

In the first grade wafts up to my nose

The dandelions you bought me three years ago

Have turned to shrouds

Across the imaginary Orient you bring

Your semantic bullshit and tell me to take it like a man.