RECAPSmagazine.com (RECLAIM CULTURE ART POLITICS SEXUALITY) is a topically curated bimonthly publication. It is a platform for investigating the intersections of virtual community and embodied activism. Our mission is to explore what political potential emerges when content is brought together from different historical, methodological, and aesthetic vantage points. The magazine includes work that ranges from the canonical to the provisional, the abstract to the polemical, the timely to the archival. RECAPS uses the prefix “re” in categorizing the content, reflecting a conviction that ideas are collectively produced through repetition and an engagement with the political present requires historical perspective.

RECAPS has produced exhibitions and programming with the ONE Archive and Human Resources in Los Angeles.  Martabel Wasserman founded the magazine in 2012. The editorial collective includes Cora Currier, Kathy Garcia, Christopher J. Lee, RebeccaLieberman and Colette Perold. It has appeared on Autostraddle.com,Feministing.org, FranklinFurnace.org, IssueMagazine.com, KCET.org,LambdaLiterary.org, NationalLatin@Network.org, and Queerty.com . The RECAPS blogwas recently cited by the infamous hacktivist group Anonymous on Twitter for Labor Day 2014.

Questions, comments and submissions can be sent to recapsmagazine [at] gmail [dot]com.