SISTER CYBORG by enn msrv

“I find I am constantly being encouraged to pluck out some one aspect of
myself and present this as the meaningful whole, eclipsing or denying the
other parts of self.”
— Audre Lorde, Sister Outsider

“This is an argument for pleasure in the confusion of boundaries and for
responsibility in their construction.”
— Donna Harraway, Cyborg Manifesto

“a/s/l ?”
— Anonymous


sister cyborg is the cyborg manifesto as illustrated by pop music videos

sister cyborg is a video made for the 100% Robot party held by Title:Point at the
Silent Barn on May 21st

sister cyborg is our immortal hoverdreams in dialogue with our planned

sister cyborg is the self refracted through the maze of self presentation

is the self as an index

is the self as a table of contents

is the self as a tumblr dashboard

is the deep resentment the twitter self has for the Facebook self


\ dissociated // disembodied // dysmorphic

\ dystopian


sister cyborg is a functional contemporary schizophrenia

sister cyborg is a coalition of the people who speak through us

sister cyborg is a country built by goons, forged toxic in the caverns of bravenet
her national anthem is the 56k dial up tone

our history is a shared hallucination

there is no land on which to build our monuments


\ rebuilt // refreshed // redesigned

\ reborn


if natural beauty is a man-made waterfall viewed through the lens of an iphone

and a feeling hashtagged is a feel that i can’t even

if i grew up a pirate on the playground and a catfish on the forums

if i am attracted to uncanny valley girls

and our bodies are imperfect avatars for everything we’ve come to represent

how do i confront the iceberg that i am at the tip of

what is the carbon footprint of the baggage we smuggle daily across the IRL/URL


what is the ballad of the broken transhumanist heart

what is the erotic value of the nonembodied

which bathroom do i hide in to lurk the queerweb

what are we touching when we touch each other

who says camgirls don’t cry


\ updated // uploaded // upvoted

\ uprisen


enn msrv is the tweet that got away.