Soft Butch by Benjy Russell

Soft Butch is a place of pure concentrated energy that exists between states of explosion and implosion,

an alternate universe free of the binary gender system,

a place where children are awash in the knowledge that we do not discover new truths, but peel away layers of lies,

where your lover can be a thought and a building can be your lover,

a place for you and I.

We are creating an advertisement for the children of the spectrum,

we will give them a space where dreams are reality and everything is free,

separate masses of energy riding the singular consciousness that connects us all,

these images and objects becoming the future ruins of a soon-to-be mythology.

Sometimes life can be so beautiful that it is difficult to comprehend.

We are all our own universe,

and inside each of us is an infinite number of ways to love and die.

After all, love is just our ability to respond to the perfect external stimuli,

and dying is no more than a myth.

We are forever.

We deserve to be here.

-Benjy Russell



Soft ButchSoft Butch

Sway on the waves of love

Sway on the Waves of Love
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