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Sep 16, 12:14PM

Hey man. I’m back stateside.
Let me know what you’re
looking for and I’ll put my
feelers out.

Hope things have picked up
for you

Nope. more drama an bulshit
then u could imagine. If u got
good work in sc mt i hav a big
client ther. Ex left withmy child
to ohio. No goodby nuthn.

I remember you saying that.
Super sad to hear. I’ll look in

Sep 18, 8:42AM

 Leavn rosa now. In sf?

 Yes, in sf

Sep, 18 10:22AM

 I got like food poisen last
night. Pukd like 5 times this
am. My guy lands at like 4pm.

Fina lie down 4 a minute.
If anyone hookn u up is namd
gathr adrian or ryan i knw
them. Just small circle wantd
to double chek. Got make
sum staks 2day hurtn

No none of those guys. Rest up.

I’ll keep you posted.

Kool just hope its good r the
multiple boxs i can call la if its

Sep 18, 2:20PM

 My guy just got in.

My guy lands at 830. In sfo let
me knw if its not lookn good i
dont hav a plan b.

 Ok. I’m holding.

With my son, but still banging
on it.

All good.

Sep 18, 5:09PM

What’s the tiket on the cali

Could it pass for ins.

21 to us. Couldn’t pass as
ins. He can bring a sample
when your buyer is here.


I wil pitch it.

Also 65 available of some pink
ladies that supposedly look
great tomorrow…

Might be worth pitching those

Sep 18, 7:12PM

Hey if your peeps could bring
the sample by my room that
would b ideal. Dont hav a
drivers license and prefer not
to drive.


Sep 18, 7:50PM

My whales calling. Call me

My big guy probly caps under
2k for dep if its not fuel but wil
grab multi boxs.


This years outs would work in

I’ll check on those


Sep 18, 8:30PM

He just landed and is shopn

Og an sour. Probly done by

Waitn on my othr big client.

Nothong that big happens in
a couple hours with no prep

They’re playing you.

That’s unneeded stress.

Sep 18. 8:34PM

I’ll have a full report of what’s
available in Santa Cruz
by noon tomorrow. I’ll let
you know. But if shit keeps
happening as haphazardly as
“just landed tonight, shopping
now, be done by midnight”
then I’m confident nothing will
ever work.

Sep, 18 9:27PM

Not me. Hate workn with

Had a great talk with my la/sjo
whale shopn monday. Getn
me a warehouse also. Get sc
menu for a monday shop day.

That’s more like it.

Its cumn

Sep 19, 12:29AM

I’m headn to humboldt to chil
for a few days. Cant sit anothr
nite in a motel 6.

Call me 2mrw when u got
solid legit inventory and
numbrs 4 santa cruz.
If we had og or sourd my nyc
boy would hav jumpd sux

Sep 19, 8:35AM

Sour and og doesn’t sit
around and wait for someone
to say “poof, i’m in town, get
me two boxes” Something that
size needs to be well planned.
That’s why we keep talking
and nothing is getting done. If
you give me the specifics for
Monday I’ll work hard to make
it happen.

Here u. he shops multiple
people. In the same day wich
is scumy.

Could hav been puln into
spyrok if he wasnt a puss.
They got boxs.

Sep 19, 11:50AM

I’m stikn around. He wants og
only and is stil shopn.


My big san jo custy is so big
people just deliver it to him.
He is shopn monday.
sc mt would be perfect im
inpetaluma if u want me to
chek out the pink lady.

Sep 23, 11:13AM

There’s a box of pink ladies in
Sebastapol for your sf guy

Sep 23, 1:02PM

A box is available


Sep 23 8:46PM

Damn, no word all day.?

Sep 24 10:47AM

Damn man, I hustled to line
something up,
now it’s ready to go and no
word at all from
you for two days!? That sucks.

Sep 25, 4:53PM

Hey its joe b. Call me when
your free.

Nope. Headed to LA. Where
were you
Sunday when I was sitting
with a box of pink ladies all
day waiting to hear from you?

You told me your sf guy had
cash and was ready to buy, so
I looked like crazy

Sep 25, 5:02PM

Long story got puld over
and my had to break my
phone. Got cufd a suspended
liscense tik. My guy in bay
stil shopn an my san jose
guy is in town wanting work
delivered. Im in humboldt told
ryan he can share the san
jo whale. Tried getn yr numb
yesterday but hewouldnt text
it lol.


Next time i’m in town, in one
week I’ll just have stuff sitting
at my house waiting for you.

I knw just guna hang in

Where are you?

Sep 25, 5:28PM

Redway. ACE has 2 farms
here im helpn him chop down
1000plants. He gave me rad
shop apt to live in. he broke
up with his parnter and wife.
hired me plus fundn 4 my
seed an clothn co. U watch i
wil hav a canabis cup in less
then 2yrs and a legit clothn

Sep 27 11:11AM

Ryan and my othr boy showd
my la whale horible work an
he flew bak. Sukd shit. If u
ANY SC MTN plugs work him.
i hav to rebound.

I have hooks in LA. Connect
him and I and I promise to
keep you looped in.

Sep 27, 1:40AM

Not sure he shops ther i can


You can trust I’d keep you in
for your point.

I only cheat cheaters

He not very hapy i would need
exact details b4 i asked. Sour
or og ins is what he would
probly only work.

I can get those

Sep 29, 6:50PM

Call me. Have some news.

Hit u in a couple hours.

I locked a half box in the city
for not this Monday but the
following. 19. Pretty solid.

A guy I’ve worked with forever.

What flavor.

Og and some others

Dep og or this years outs. Got
so many farms up here. Ace
and r partnerin up. He had a
revolt and is taken me in.
When he goes to hawai in nov
im takin over. Stoked. Let me
know the day and i can flip the

Monday the 8th.

Sep 30, 4:05PM

Def hav peeps in sf that wil
grab those 50. What wil they
hit me at. 2k with u getn a


And its bomb og? For real?
Whats the catch?

Only like 10 og’s the rest other


I will give you a count by
Wednesday of exactly what I’ll

If u knw any cool peeps that
may want trim jobs. Hiring lol
chics preferd

I have one for you.
And a dude if you need two.

Call un in a bit. Ace wil fly an
experience trimmer in if they
hav experience.
He fly unexperienced females
in if they want to try it. 200a p.
Must be able to do one a day.
hav camping gear.
3meals cookd and thers
2months easy of work.

I have one for you.

Sep 30, 4:41PM

Call me.

In 10 minutes. Driving now.


Sep 30, 5:52PM

Forgot to ask how old an is
she cute. Were would we b
flyn her in frm

San francisco. Mid 20’s.
Is she there to trim or get
perved on?

You’ve been on the mountain
too long.

Everyone is super chil. Im the
only perv and i wont be ther
all that much.

She wil b stokd its a great gig.

Oct 1, 11:08AM

Roxi is comin. maybe her
sister. U got quin and daves
numbers? I lost them wanted
to keep in touch now that im
livin up here

If something goes down
Monday you can have their
numbers again. I’m not
handing over contacts again
until something compensates
me for the months we’ve
been texting without making a

I’m glad things worked out
with roxi.

They both didnt produce
shit one couldnt even get a
sample and quin got two days
and had crap. needtrimmers.
Trust me im farm direct up
here. Its in the BAY i need yr
help. Let me knw when u hav
a exact menu and i wil call my
la whale.

But all the other times i’ve
lined things up to no avail.

I need to make some money
before i’m handing out names
and numbers again.
I’m still out money from that
first time ace bailed, so so far
it’s a loss.

Oct 1, 10:15PM

Your friend just got here.
pretty sure were flyn in her
sister on the 8th.
I hav 3 calls in to friends 4
your work on the8th

Awesome man

Oct 1, 10:18PM

She wil be stokd. dont b gay
about phone numbers. Im
getn the keys to the kingdom
was confirmd 2day. Im aloyal
man. U wil b taken care of
when i succeed and its guna b

Oct 1, 11:03PM

I have a menu for Monday.

It’s small but…
10Lav/skunk, 5og, 5sncap,
5mango, 5afgu

Oct 1, 11:34PM

Snowcaps the worst. Lol. As
long as ther bomb shouldnt be
a big deal.

Prices r dropn fast.

I know might be the last push
at the 19 marker. My friend
Sean is going to call you to
trim. Coming up from La

And snow cap are the worst.
This guy’s cap is usually
pretty good though. Anyways,
this is a guy I work with
every year and is completely
dependable. I told him to try
and get the og count up to 10
units to entice shoppers.

The mango is bomb so is his

Oct 1 11:57PM

Numbers – David 1 (818) 626-

And Quinn’s number
vanished. For real.

Oct 2, 12:10AM

If any business is done with
David, please keep me looped
in. He and I did lots together
and I consider him a good

This is me trusting you. You’re
still a stranger considering we
are yet to meet in person.

Goin to bed.

You’re welcome.

Oct 6, 9:16AM

Headen to bay 2mrw. U
knw what time the work wil
b there? I really need to put
eyes on it. I hav 3 possible

Waitn to here from my la guy
let u knw soon

I can meet you in SF with it
around 9pm.

Oct 7, 12:53PM

Are you in the bay? Anyone
want to look at things tonight?

Oct 7, 1:44PM

Im stuk on the ranch. My la
custy hasnt responded. hav 2
maybe 3 peeps i can hand u
off 4 tonigte/2mrw. 4 ace an
my la custy if u can pull some
sample nugs out 4me. I hav
a driver pikn up roxys sis an
friend ace bought ther tickets.
Best i can my driver b in sf
lean the airport headn bak to
humboldt at noon

Have them call me. I’m ready
to work.

I’ll send samps too, but I need
to work tonight or tomorrow

Gathr and miky ther ready


Help me understand your

Oct 7, 2:24PM

Gave my firneds gathr an
miky yr numbr menu an

I see. Thanks

You should hit up your LA guy
too. This grower is consistent
and has a few more boxes
coming down

Did 3times cant Press it
Samps r huge

Send me down some samps
too. Lets compare.

Oct 7, 3:07PM

Amazn year up here ther sayn
beste ever. Not much is cured.
Got sum berry strain that kil
ready try an get ucouple nice

Best ever. Pff. : P

No rain perfect temps sayn
hasnt been like this in years.
Weeds guna plumet to 1200 a

As usual. So sad.

Oct 7, 4:09PM

Can you chat quickly?

Giv me 30 im at cosctco.

Oct 7 6:07PM

No word from anyone. Is ryan
gonna get this stuff?? : )

Havn spoken to ryan if he has
a shopper go for it. Let me call
my guys ive been super busy.

You should make ace grab
them for fucking us and then
hooking him with trimmers

He has no money. 3mil in
weed soon.Leavs me a mil
plus to shop in midnovember
my guys will be

Thanks. your point will be
waiting in the city for you.

Oct 7, 8:33PM

Did gathr call u.

No. Mikey did. Gonna show
him stuff now. Going to his

K. he can be a bit of a
bulshiter. hope it works out.

You’re sending me to a

He is a good dude.

He can be ghandi, if he’s not
buying he’s no use to me. I’m
strictly money driven.
I have none and can’t pay rent

Wel sel him sum herb.
Did he say he has a custy

He said he’s checking it for
one tomorrow.

Oct 7, 9:56PM

Cool hows the og look do u
knw how many more r coming

It looks/smells good.
Perefectly priced at 19 I’d say.
For an out of stater it’s hot. At
least a box of that. The mango
is awesome too.

Oct 8, 4:06PM

Did miky reach out 2u 2day?

My othr friend gather should
be calln u if he hasn’t yet

I told you I went to see mikey
last night.

I texted you right after.

He approved the samples
and has been waiting on his
people all day. So if gather
wants them, they’re all his. I’m
in a hurry.

Leaving tomorrow back to LA.
When I’m back on monday
there is going to be a box of
this mango and OG ready to
go. So I need to push this first
part through to get that box
coming to me.

I was chekn to see if miky
folowd up. I wil text u gather
number. As plan b

Mikey did follow up but I’m still
waiting on him.

Oct 8, 5:02PM

Has miky reached out 2u?


Anybody step up

Oct 9, 6:03PM

8 gone.

But it’s set up for more next

I have some bills for you.

Oct 10, 8:22PM

My la guy is hitn town fri. Can
we get work while yr out of
town done?

I can come to the bay.
I don’t take two days notice.
If he wants to work with me
he can coordinate with me
through you.

Oct 11, 12:02AM

Lol. He is in town 2mrw shopn
whales fukn make there own
sched trust me wish it was the
otherway around.

Your “whales” own you. You
should try flipping the script.

Oct 11, 1:53PM

How soon could u get a box of
work in town from your guy?

I’m thinking Tuesday.

I wil c what my guys schedule


I’m cruising up with my friend
Sean to SF on Sunday on his
way to you/Redway.
Please be clear with him so
there’s no surprises.

Oct 11, 4:31PM

Not sure what u mean about

He has a place to stay work

Evryone cool and fukn stokd.
Yr friends scored. WEED IS

Oct 15, 7:01PM

Really need to land la/sj custy.
He has peeps roll work rite to

I know. I’m not trying to

Not interested in the chasing

Mikey came right to me and it
was all good.

Yeah but not with paper 4
a box or 2! There isn’t any
chase. Just need a sample he
approves and a way to get it
to san jo or worse case weott

Miky grab more? U sell all
the og? What was the best u

Oct 16, 11:03AM

Guna give u a chase acc can
u pop that 8 in this afternoon

Yes sir

Great andrew chase duhamel
986740082 let me knw when
u pop it in

Whose account is that?


Never thought I’d be putting
money on that guys account.

Just the fastes way to get it in
my hand.

Got green crack at 16 to u.
Probly getdm to sf.

From ace’s farm?

Yup. All organic. There nice.
Smaller nugs but cured well.

We have a STANDN order
of 2 box of sour a week. Just
spoke to him.

He is shopn as we speak if u
got sour he maydo og.


My la guy is in town til fri or
sat shopn. He prefer the south

someone is supposed to hit
me with some NY diesel in a
bit. If its nice ill holler.

I’ll put that money in your
account by 3.

The next deal we do I need to
pay back my partner for that
fuckup in arcata. We can talk
about what’s fair.

Oct 16, 6:23PM

When wil your friend hav
sours up here online.

In two weeks.

Do you still have someone
that shops in redding?

No on redn flaky fukers. Guna
hav that standn order from my
sj guy probly shop here all fall.
If we can get sour from arcata
to weot we can kill it.

We can. Two weeks. You

Oct 17, 7:33AM

Pleaz put that deposit in this
am im broke.

On my way

I vented to big who is ace
investor/boss yesterday. san
jo/la big. He told me not to
worry about ace. Offered me
His ranch and my 2 box a
week or evry othr week order.
it wil all work out

Oct 17, 8:59AM

Money is in

Oct 17, 11:53AM

Tell big to come peep this OG.

I wil try how many r there

A dozen. 20 more tomorrow.
Then some other names.

Oct 17, 8:40PM

Got a lil more for you. Real
little, but tomorrow might be

Oct 18, 3:49PM

Ugh, man, everyone is flaking

Finally I have some OG on
hand and no one is making
it happen. You have anyone
shopping? I only have two
more days and I’m back to LA.

How many units totol? And
what flavos. Im at the best
western in garbervile.
Tryn not to have ace
murdered. ALL YOUR

Im not 22 im 43 and wont be
treated the way he did. BIG
just took the day off. i made
friends with 25 people that i
got to the ranch to b treated
they way hid did in front of
evryone sukd. made me sad.

That’s all right man – pull it
back together. Onto bigger
and better things.

24 OG. 5 Candy. 5 Mango.

NOT PAN OUT. its fukd. hav a
400 unit order goin
down in 2wks I wil b fine. big
wil takecare of me. im a good
lovin caring person.

stil sent him 5 trimmers today
because I didn’t want to fukm

Oct 21, 9:10AM

I got a half box coming
Same dude whose shit I
showed you

Giv me 30. I wil hit big. My nyc
bud is here also.

Will he give you the cash
to take care of the half box

I thought Mikey was grabbing
it last night. I’m confused.

Oct 21, 10:16AM

All good. Every flavor will be

Is it possible to make this
happen sooner rather than
later so my friend doesn’t
have to sit around all day?

4 Sure. Big wants to fly south.

Did you guys talk yet.

Just got out of the shower I wil
call him now

Oct 21, 11:27AM

He is headn up to pik me up
from my hotel in sf in ten. Call

Oct 21, 2:20PM

Why is it I have never worked
with Big but based on what
you and Ryan have told me,
I knew he wouldn’t take that
shit? If you want me to be
able to help you with him
introduce us and let us work
together directly. The quality
I work with in Arcata with my
partner Duran is what he

I kicked you a sample. Big
approved. You tell mikey to
hold offbecaues you want it.
Big passes on it, and now I’m
down in LA with a half box
sitting at my friend’s pad
who doesn’t even do this

Oct 22, 11:19AM

Sorry I only showd him one
og nug when he saw the trim
and how dry they all were he
passed. If the sour is good
ican buy it all in weot. Its 40
min from arcata an super
safe. If u want me to throw u
miky im down u dont hav to
giv me anythn anymore

Oct 22, 5:34PM

I’m not setting anything up
until I have a talk directly with
the person I’m getting shit for.

Oct 22, 8:50PM

Whatever bro work with mikey.
Im just shopn famr direct sory
I tried. When he saw all 27 he
passed wtf u expect it to be
automatic when i gave him 2
grams. I wont bother u again.
Work with mikey.

How long have we been
texting and nothing ever
worked out since the
beginning? If you want me
to help you put me in direct
contact with him so it’s not
one person talking to another
person talking to another.

That’s why shit gets fucked
up. Because you are a people
pleaser and don’t present
the facts. I told you the trim
wasn’t perfect. But you didn’t
tell him that. So once again a
whole group of people’s time
is wasted.

Oct 25, 12:40PM

I setled into rosa. Hope miky
has been busy 4u. I tried my
best bro. If the sour is proper
and he is wilin to drop it in
weot we can make it work. If
u need a conference call with
big i don’t care.

I want us both to make dow.

Ok, I’m in.

Time to set up a meeting with
big and I.

I have the weott thing lining

A whole collective that does
awesome work in all the
flavors he likes at 2 to him.

Just tried calin you

I’m at Disneyland right now
can’t talk till

Oct 25, 1:16PM

Hav fun at Disneyland. Great
place to bond with yr boy.