Sonic Succulent Sculptures by Adrienne Adar

Inspired from natural forms and structures, my work addresses issues of visual and audio language, and technology’s influence on our perception and sensory experiences of everyday life.

Sonic Succulents is a new series of sound objects, comprised of living plants and handmade sensors that allow people to investigate and interact with the sound pieces themselves.  Instead of creating an object/sculpture where I am fully in control of what the viewer/participant listens to, as in past work, I wanted to provide and opportunity to control to explore the sound produced by the plants themselves in order to have a more intimate and investigatory experience. Enabling one to hear what the plant is feeling upon its interaction with the outside world creates a new connection with something most live with and are surrounded by on a daily basis and truly rethink our environment around us.

sonic succulents_1 sonic succulents_2 sonic succulents_3 sonic succulents_4