A Man Is (Not) A Mountain by Petra Valdimarsdóttir

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A MAN IS (NOT) A MOUNTAIN is a project based on my uncle’s horse farm, which lies between isolated mountains in Iceland. As a young girl I spent summers playing with my cousins on his farm but in the past few years I’ve been taking photos during my summer and winter visits to see him. He lives there by himself with a big herd of wild horses which he tames for a living.
It’s a very special place, especially in the winter days, when the snow has been falling for some time and the endless white landscape goes on forever, as if the human race has become extinct and you’re the last one standing.
The online installation portrays a fascination with the isolation you tend to feel in these landscapes and situations.
The full set of photos can be viewed at http://a-man-is-not-a-mountain.nl/