Posters by 3C Robles-Jackson

While I have been thinking a lot about a historical American left, in the Post-Occupy world, I have had to look further away for a contemporary, fighting, sustainable left.  The Communist Party in Kerala is organized by and through the populace, and has changed the entire political environment of the state.  The Conservative party basically can do nothing here, and power swings back between the liberal party and the Communists. It’s one of the major successes of an internationally minded left.
On a much smaller level, Marinelda, Spain has achieved something worth celebrating.  The entire town basically runs as a cooperative, and housing is both free and not for sale, meaning private ownership is much less of a problem.
This poster is hectic, but I like it.  After hacking away at it for a while, I realized I could say a lot more about the shape of a house with negative space.  My greatest epiphanies usually come not from adding to a piece, but by rearranging and taking away.
Sao Paolo
For a few years I’ve been doing work with show through on the opposite side of the page.  This was useful here, as I struggled to create an advertisement that was not an advertisement.  I hope to hang these in windows, with the front showing as a blank space unless somebody lights the inside.
Emergency Manager #1
The Emergency Manager law is like the inverse of the successes I’ve seen.  It allows the legislature to put in place an unelected emergency manager in any city that has financial difficulties.  What this means in practice is that the legislature can control municipalities, like Detroit, mostly composed of poor people, most of whom are people of color.  The NAACP filed a lawsuit based on exactly that, saying that the law “violates the Equal Protection Clause because it ‘results in voter dilution’ in communities where EMs have been placed.” (link) A ballot issue even successfully struck down the law, but the legislature simply reintroduced it. It is the true and brutal example of liberalism failing.
The image of the man in the suit came first.  I had been experimenting with modifying pictures in this way, and I just felt the idea of the Emergency Manager shine through.