Untitled, 2010 by K. Garcia





Here is my attempt to (visually) create (an)other orifices, which is not mouth, is not vagina, or anus, it is other.

Images were torn from magazines, placed in a vitrine deconstructed and then recomposed, parts of vitrine were photographed to make new images.



Contents of the vitrine include:

Cut up Penthouse magazines, cut up Playboys, Oui’s, and Adult Entertainment News.

Images from Steven Meisel’s “Asexual Revolution” campaign for W magazine circa 2004.

















A copy of “Transvestian” magazine date unknown.

A copy of “Feminine Illusions” magazine date unknown.

An Interview Magazine circa 1986 with Grace Jones on the cover and a quote from her that says:

“The future is no sex…you can be a boy, a girl whatever you want.  I have a lot of man in me.”
















Porn’s dichotomy/ capitalism’s oedipal distinctions and commodification of the body (as literalized in pornography) = vagina/penis ass/penis penis/mouth — money shot hold no importance here. An Orgasm is not a product, and sensuality cannot be sold (even with a $29.95/month all access pass). Sexuality is far more complex than what easily digested dichotomies tell us. I have an ass yes, and a vagina. Penis, maybe. I also have 2 eyes, underarms, and toes. I am many holes.