Photos by Alexandra Pacheco Garcia

still life



still life (with needles and skin)




As a medium that allows for the obsessive collection of visual evidence, I am using photography to locate the body  (my body and the bodies of those I love.). This series of three photographs and related video work, functions in part as documentation of private performance – a record of simple gestures and small, ephemeral still lives. But it is also something else, something less definitive. Bound up in the act of making is a meditation on loss and absence as well as a focused interaction of the corporal body in the present moment.


Through various materials – glue, water, light – I am attempting to find the body indirectly – in its imprints, its shadows, the places where it’s touched. I am building my own spectral archive, collecting traces strung together to form a narrative of inverted presence. These photographs are a means of cultivating acceptance.  They are a form of personal agency, a poetic confrontation of our implicit temporality and inevitable loss.