Enrichment and Other Images by Hushidar Mortezaie

Beyond Glamour,Power, and Contradiction is the shared consciousness of ages,of beauty,pain, and perseverance.I weave different elements of my own personal experiences in the art and high fashion worlds along with  my  ideas into a personal tapestry that gives color to the visual collage of life.The mainstays of my work are painting,illustration,silkscreen,collage,multi-media and fashion design.I immigrated to the Bay Area of California from Tehran,Iran at the age of three-I then resided in Manhattan,New York for 10 years creating pop couture on models,celebrities, and on myself along with my mentor Michael Sears. I now reside in Los Angeles closer to my family and Tehrangeles. My  aesthetic is a collage of multi-cultural critique and the contradictory celebration and negation of beauty and branding. My hopes are to inspire future generations of youth to be who they are and to strike oppose.

“Enrichment”…Atomic Bombs,Wars waged against the Middle East and the whole Weapons of Mass Destruction arguments are forever creating toxicity and poison in the lives of Middle Eastern people yet they remain, transform,and radiate.

“The Dawn is Near” Celebrating the valiant Iranian youth who took to the streets and stood up against Tyranny during the Green Movement of 2009, inspiring an entire region to usher in a new Look.

Iran Maiden…Dedicated to the kids in Iran who defy the morality police who try to enforce hejab,dress codes,and the simple joy to express themselves creatively through personal style.

ARGOH KHORDIH” which translates to ARGo eats shit in farsi.
Orientalism,photocopied Generalizations and the Crusades come to a Theatre near you.