Carla, a character introduction by K. Garcia

Carla is soft, moist, amorphous and undefined – a plural zone of erotogenetics, – erotogeneity. Carla oozes, Carla spurts, Carla twists, Carla cavorts, Carla enters, Carla envelopes, Carla swallows, Carla sits, Carla is orificial abandon (plural). Carla cannot be contained. Carla bleeds and when Carla bleeds Carla grows hair. Carla doesn’t like cops and Carla haaaates tall buildings. Carla loves to wear heels. Carla is getting married.



To be continued…

Carla’s getting married, 2011

K. Garcia is an artist. Born in East Los Angeles, now living in Echo Park, K. is into porn, horror, polysexuality, and tacos(in no particular order.)

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